New Podcasts and How to Support Money Metagame

Hello loyal readers!  This will be a quick post to let you know about a couple podcasts I recently appeared on and a new page I set up to make it easier to find the links that help support this site.  Thanks in advance for checking it out!

Saverocity Observation Deck Episode 56 – FIRE and Travel Hacking

This is the second time I’ve appeared on the Saverocity podcast and both times were a blast!  Last time (Episode 40)  I went over the big honeymoon we booked with points and the finer points of opportunity cost, but this time we went further in depth on financial independence and some of the overlap it has with travel hacking and saving money in general.  The Free-quent Flyer also participated as a guest to provide a few alternate views which made for a fun discussion while Joe kept us on track.

Link to Episode 56 – FIRE and Travel Hacking

If you ever wondered what I sound like, this might be your best chance to find out!  Even when I’m not a guest, the Saverocity Observation Deck is an entertaining listen as they cover the latest news in credit cards, loyalty programs, travel, and more.  Check it out if you haven’t subscribed yet!

Link to the Full Saverocity Observation Deck website

Choose FI

Next up is my new favorite podcast to listen to and this one is all about financial independence.  They just started up this year, but have been on a roll producing 2 episodes a week and covering a wide range of topics interlacing various FI stories with actionable advice you can use for yourself.  They even featured a voicemail I sent in about the mortgage escrow trick in last week’s roundup!  Maybe one day I’ll be able to share our own story and some more FI tricks on a full episode one of these days (*hint* *hint* 😉 ).

Link to last week’s Roundup Podcast

Link to the full ChooseFI website

New Support the Site Page!

First off, you’re already doing the #1 thing that supports the site right now, reading!  Nothing beats regular subscribers that share posts they find useful with friends and family to help grow this website’s readership.  A few awesome readers have even contacted me before to ask for my referral links to help out even more, so I decided to consolidate them all in one place.

Link to the new How to Support Money Metagame Page

The support page can also now be found in the top menu bar of the website and offers many different ways you can support this website for no money out of your pocket.  By making this page one of the destinations you check before applying for new credit cards, you can still get the best offers possible, but help support this website at the same time.  I’ll never link to worse offers just because I can get a bonus, so you can rest assured that all of the links go to the best public offers I know about.  If you find one that doesn’t, let me know ASAP and I’ll remove it and/or replace it with the better offer.  Thanks in advance for checking here first!

Aside from using our credit card referral links, you can also support the site by clicking through here before shopping on Amazon, tracking your miles and points with AwardWallet, tracking your finances on Personal Capital, or use several other awesome websites that are currently offering referral links.

Rest assured that I only ever recommend and endorse products that we use ourselves and that I truly believe in!

You can find the full list of useful websites we recommend on the Support page and thanks in advance if you decide to try any of them out yourself!