How To Support Money Metagame

First of all, thanks for being here in the first place!  Being a consistent reader is the #1 way to support Money Metagame and sharing anything you find informative or useful to friends and family via social media or word of mouth is a huge help.  Be sure to follow Money Metagame on social media and subscribe to our email list to be the first to find out about the latest posts.

If you’d like to support the website even more so I can continue to produce new and exciting content, then below lists out several different ways you can give back.  I only link to and recommend services that I use myself and think would benefit most people.  Thanks again for being a reader and double-thanks if you decide to check out any of the links below!

Credit Card Links

Becky and I both open a lot of credit cards in order to get big signup bonuses of airline miles, hotel points, or even cash to help us travel the world for very little money.  We’ve taken trips to New York, Cancun, Spain, Fiji and New Zealand for our honeymoon, and more!  All for a fraction of the price most people pay.  If you’re interested in doing the same, I suggest you check out my introduction post and getting started series first because it does take a bit of organization to get the most travel for the least amount of cash.

If you’ve done your research and are ready to open some cards, then starting your search here for the best offers would be a huge help to Money Metagame.  First are select referral links from cards my wife and I happen to have open right now, then a larger list of cards with big signup bonuses that also contribute to this blog.  I’ll even throw in a bonus link at the end that doesn’t help me at all, but is by far the best offer on one of my favorite cards!

Referral Links

  • Discover It – $100 bonus ($50 doubled) after first purchase – No Annual Fee – Click Here to Apply
  • Amex Hilton Honors Card – 75,000 Hilton point bonus for spending $1,000 – No Annual Fee – Click Here to Apply
  • Amex Blue Cash Everyday – $100 bonus for spending $1,000 – No Annual Fee – Click Here to Apply
  • Amex Everyday – 15,000 Membership Rewards for spending $1,000 – No Annual Fee – Click Here to Apply
  • Amex SPG Business – 25,000 SPG point bonus for spending $5,000 – Annual Fee Waived the first year, then $95 – Click Here to Apply

NOTE: Referral links and the signup bonuses change on a regular basis, if you try any of the above links and it either doesn’t work, the offer doesn’t match the description, or you know of a better offer available elsewhere, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP!  I’d rather you get the best signup bonus possible, even if it doesn’t benefit me at all.  Commenting below or using the Contact Form are the easiest ways to let me know.  Thanks!

The Best Alaska Airlines Card Offer – 30k Miles + $100

This link doesn’t even support the site, but is better than the offer you will likely find directly on the Alaska Airlines or Bank of America websites!  Most of the time you will only see the 30,000 mile offer, but this link gives you the same 30,000 miles AND $100 for spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.  That more than offsets the annual fee of $75 and Alaska miles are one of my favorites to earn and redeem because of their generous stopover rules.

Link to Apply for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines with a 30,000 Alaska Mile bonus AND $100 for spending $1,000 – Annual Fee of $75 NOT Waived

Additional Ways to Support Money Metagame

Aside from using my credit card links above when you are looking for a new card, each of the following services may offer a referral bonus to me if you decide to sign up.  Often times you also get something for signup up, so it’s a win-win!  All of the below services are ones that I use myself and recommend.  Thanks in advance if you decide to use any of them!


AwardWallet is the website I use to track all of our points and miles.  They can automatically track most airline, hotel, and bank programs automatically and even help keep track of reward certificates and expiration dates for each program.  It’s basically like for frequent traveler programs!  Keeping track of everything without AwardWallet would be a huge pain, but now it’s easy to track both Becky and I’s accounts all in one place.

Click Here to Try AwardWallet Yourself


Ebates is a shopping portal that will give you cash back just for clicking through them before buying things online.  Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl’s, and hundreds more all offer cash back for buying things you were going to buy anyway.  You can even get cashback when booking hotels online from many different brands!  I often use CashBackMonitor to find the best rates when I’m shopping online, and Ebates is often near the top of the list and will mail you checks on a regular basis.  If you sign up now, you can get a free $10 back on your first purchase.  That’s $10 off almost anything you can buy online!

Click Here to Join Ebates and Get $10 Off Your First Purchase

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is my favorite website for tracking our investments.  We prefer Mint for tracking our everyday spending, but Personal Capital blows it out of the water when it comes to tracking investments and our net worth.  This is especially useful when we do a monthly check-in on our financial status and can just log in to Personal Capital to see everything in one place.  Our 401k’s, IRA’s, HSA’s, and Brokerage Account are all in once place and you can even add your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, and house if you want to see your full financial picture in one place.

The completely free website also has a great fee analyzer to make sure you aren’t paying too much for your investments in addition to a view of your asset allocation across all accounts AND my favorite retirement calculator!  We use it ourselves all the time and I can’t recommend it enough, it’s the best free tool out there.

Click Here to Sign Up for Personal Capital and Start Tracking Your Full Financial Picture in One Place


StockPile is a website that lets you gift stocks to other people!  Becky and I use this to help start out our nieces and nephews with their own investment accounts, but there are many different reasons you might want to gift stock to someone else.  Feel free to check out my full review HERE.  If you join now, they will even give you $5 completely free to start out your first gift or even just to keep for yourself!

Click Here to Join Stockpile and Get $5 Free to Start


TopCashBack is another shopping portal that I find myself using on a regular basis.  They also often have the highest cash back percentage on many stores and will even match other shopping portal’s rates if you prefer to keep everything in one place.  TopCashBack also offers a $10 signup bonus after you earn your first $10 in cash back which will probably happen pretty quickly if you do some of your shopping online.  Anytime you’re about to buy something online, be sure to check shopping portal rates to possibly earn cash back on that purchase!

Click Here to Join TopCashBack and Get $10 Back After Earning $10 in Cash Back

Even More Ways to Support This Blog (And Get Free Stuff)

All of the above links are fairly relevant to Money Metagame and the different topics we cover, but these are just for fun and can still help us out.  If you haven’t tried Uber yet, you can take a free ride or two on us, same thing for Lyft.  We occasionally use them to get around our own city, but both apps are extremely useful when we travel and don’t want to pay for a rental car.  It’s hard to beat the convenience of a driver who will pick you up anywhere and drop you off for cheap!

  • Uber Referral Code: 594i8 (enter that code when you join for free ride credits)
  • Lyft Referral Code: NOAH150045 (enter that code when you join for free ride credits)

In addition, we also get food delivered every so often and if you’d like to subsidize our eating habits and get a discount meal yourself, feel free to try one or more of the below services out!  They’ve all worked well for us, so you’ll have to find the one that’s in your area and supports the restaurants you want to order from.

  • Uber Eats Referral Code: eats-594i8 (enter that code when you join for $10 off your first order)
  • Grubhub Referral Code: uo5pc (enter that code when you join for $7 off your first order)
  • Yelp eat24 Referral Code: M34YN (enter that code when you join for $5 off your first order)

Thanks Again!