Our Gap Year Adventure

At the beginning of 2018, my wife and I quit our jobs to travel around the world together!

While we have been aggressively pursuing financial independence (the ability to live entirely off of our investments), we still have several years to go before we can “retire” from work completely (if we choose to).  We are calling this adventure a “Gap Year” because we plan to return to work at some point in the future.

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Below will keep track of our journey so far and link to all of the articles we’ve written related to the gap year.

The Journey (as of 3/1/18)

We started out in Seattle on February 1st and plan to spend the majority of our time road-tripping around the US, but we did make a small trip to Cabo with family to kick off the gap year.  Thanks to miles and points, the entire 4-day, all-inclusive trip only cost us a couple hundred dollars out of pocket!

After that, we took off down the coast with a rough plan that will have us arriving in Austin, Texas near the end of March to attend a wedding.  After that is open ended, but we expect to visit many national parks, see friends and family across the country, and possibly even go international at some point during the year.

Part of our plan is to not have a concrete plan, so we’ll adjust as we go and make the most of wherever we end up!

The Map (>4,400 miles driven)

Gap Year Articles

This gap year adventure has been a huge focus of ours since the middle of 2017, so I’ve written many posts about preparing for the trip and some of the various decisions we made before getting started.  As we continue along in the actual journey itself, I will continue to update with where we are, what we’re spending, and anything else that comes to mind!

Check them all out below