A New Gift Card Reselling Tool: SaveYa’s Digital vs. Physical List

If you ever resell gift cards, you’ve probably run into the question: “Will I be able to sell a digital gift card to an exchange?”  You may have even thought: “Does SaveYa accept this brand of gift card so I don’t have to mail anything?”  As a bulk seller with SaveYa who sells thousands of dollar worth of gift cards per month, I’ve run into both of these questions fairly often.  While I have a pretty good memory and know whether or not most of the big brands can be sold digitally, I still often find myself on their sell page pretending to sell a card (inputting a bunch of zeros) just to check whether or not they accept just the code or I would need to mail it in.  Efficiency is usually at the front of my mind, so I devised a way to save myself time by listing out ALL the brands and whether or not they can be sold digitally.  This allows me to quickly look up any brand I’m considering flipping for profit AND I’m happy to share the fruits of my labor so everyone else can become more efficient as well.

Inspiration to share the list I created came when I was reading Points For Later’s recent post in which he accidentally purchased a digital gift card without first checking if he would be able to sell the card digitally.  For some reason, this is the first time I realized a bunch of other people probably run into the same problems I do looking for gift card deals.  This particular problem is one I’ve run into myself which is why I encourage you to always double check both the sell price and the sale type (digital vs. physical) before purchasing a gift card to resell.  One of the most common places I sell gift cards is SaveYa (as a bulk seller), but even if you’re NOT a bulk seller, one of the best features of SaveYa is that they accept cards digitally without penalizing you like other exchanges do.  Unfortunately, SaveYa doesn’t make it apparent which cards are allowed to be sold digitally and the answer isn’t always obvious.  For example, Staples gift cards must be mailed in to SaveYa despite the ability to sell them digitally other places.

If you’ve resold gift cards before, the digital vs. physical problem may have affected you, or you probably had to at least look the sale types up before you purchased using up your valuable time.  In order to assist my own gift card purchasing, I created a list of all of SaveYa’s accepted brands and whether or not they can be sold digitally.  I also decided to share this list with the world to hopefully help others in their gift card arbitrage adventures.  The list can be found at the page below and will also be linked to from the top menu bar:

SaveYa Gift Card Brands List – Digital Sales Allowed vs. Physical Cards Required

Feel free to bookmark the page and use it whenever you are thinking about buying a digital gift card or just prefer to sell everything digitally to avoid having to ship gift cards.  I will do my best to keep the page updated, but please contact me at moneymetagame@gmail.com if you find an error.

Hopefully you are able to get some benefit out of the page and it’s entirely possible I’ll expand the page in the future to include other exchanges or more information.  I’d be happy to hear your suggestions on improving this page or other pages you would find useful during gift card reselling that I might be able to create, so send them my way.

12 thoughts on “A New Gift Card Reselling Tool: SaveYa’s Digital vs. Physical List

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I just got bit by this last week with Darden ecerts.

  2. Thanks for sharing the list buddy. I started making a spreadsheet for this purpose too but you made a very efficient list, so my spreadsheet work need is not needed.

  3. Noah, did you simply do dummy listings for every single gift card in order to figure out whether they allow electronic submission or did you figure it out with some techie method?

  4. I was looking at Brooks Brothers for some reason and while your cheat sheet says “Digital accepted” when I do the dummy 00-entry thing at SaveYa, I see only “Check” offered. Does the sheet need to be updated?

    1. The Digital vs. Physical reference I created is based around whether or not you can sell the card digitally, not based on how you will be paid. The payout options should be the same regardless of the brand of gift card you are selling. If Check is the only option showing up for you, make sure you’ve adding you ACH information to your profile. Otherwise, you may need to contact SaveYa to find out why the ACH option isn’t available to you.

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